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The Home of Radiator Cabinets

We rely on our central heating system to bring warmth and comfort into our home. Unfortunately with hard edges, sharp corners and metal surfaces, radiators can leave your home feeling cold and stark, however a radiator cabinet can protect your little one’s and elderly or disabled family members from heat burns but at the same time make a statement to your home.

Our stylish and practical ranges of radiator cabinets will breathe warmth back into your home, providing those finishing details you long for. We’ve given traditional styles across all our radiator cabinet ranges from a modern twist so they suit a cosy cottage or contemporary townhouse.

Every detail is considered, and they are built to last, from solid materials. We deliver them to your door fully assembled ready to just fix to the wall. Strong, weighty, robust with a pristine, flawless finish.

You won’t appreciate what a transformation our bespoke pieces can create, until they are in your home.

Every radiator cabinet and cover we make, is individually crafted for you. If you can’t find the exact measurements you need. Please just get in touch via the contact form, email or phone and we will build to your specification.

We build our cabinets to add value, as a long-term investment in your home. As well as the traditional style cabinets, we also offer a wide selection of stunning ultra-modern covers for those looking to make a statement, or living in a contemporary home.

We do offer a bespoke service for larger orders, so please contact us if you require a number of cabinets to be measured for and installed.

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