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Radiator Cabinets and Radiator Covers Can Add New Style and Practicality To Your Home

Radiator Cabinets can transform the look of your home, covering tired radiators whilst adding a focal point to display family memories or cherished possessions. You won’t totally appreciate what a transformation our radiator cabinets can create until they are installed in your home. We build each radiator cabinet as a piece of solid furniture, rather than the flimsy DIY store alternatives. Customise your bespoke radiator cabinet with your favourite grille pattern or Farrow and Ball colour. If our designs aren’t particularly to your taste or you’re looking to match an existing cabinet, we do offer a bespoke manufacturing service.

As a family owned and run business, we focus on providing the best possible radiator cabinets. It’s the reason why we get so much repeat and word of mouth orders. We don’t want to supply you with something we wouldn’t have in our own home. Our standards are high, we don’t scrimp or make do. We have subtle, refined design details, but above all our cabinets are built to last, to be a permanent feature in your home. We apply plenty of paint and it’s tough, durable and free from brush marks.

Add Central Heating Radiator Covers And Cabinets To Your Home To Add Style

Central heating systems are designed to bring warmth and comfort into our home. Unfortunately, with hard edges, sharp corners and rusty metal surfaces, radiators can leave your home feeling cold stark and hazardous. Our stylish and practical ranges of radiator cabinets will breathe warmth back into your home, providing those finishing touches you long for. Radiator covers and cabinets have traditional radiator cabinet styles, as well as more modern options. A type and style of radiator cover cabinet are available to suit a cosy cottage, contemporary townhouse or modern apartment. Every detail is considered, and they are built to last, from solid materials. We deliver them to your door fully assembled ready to just fix to the wall. They are strong, weighty, robust with a pristine, flawless finish. Every radiator cabinet and radiator cover we make is individually crafted for you. If you can’t find the exact measurements, you need, please just order the ‘larger than required’ size option, or get in touch via the contact form, email or phone and we will build to your specification. We build our cabinets to add value, as a long-term investment in your home. As well as the traditional style cabinets, we also offer a wide selection of stunning modern radiator covers for those looking to make a statement or living in a contemporary home. We do offer a bespoke service for larger orders, so please contact us if you require several cabinets to be measured for and installed.

What Are Our Radiator Cabinets Made From?

We’re making solid furniture pieces, so obviously real wood is the best choice of material for bespoke radiator cabinets, right? Wrong! It’s not as simple as that… the beauty of natural wood is unparalleled, it’s solid and strong. Unfortunately, next to a heat source, solid wood will twist, warp and distort, especially over time. Our cabinets are mainly painted, so any knots or cracking in the wood is very noticeable. We use the best material for the job, which is an engineered board. An engineered board is a by-product of the lumber industry, so by its nature, it’s a sustainable product.

MDF seems to have built a negative reputation, probably due to the use of inferior Chinese versions in flat-pack furniture. The full name of MDF is Medium-Density Fibreboard. MDF consists of thin panels made from wood fibre, resin and wax. It is compacted to form a rigid, stable, water-resistant board. When it comes to engineered wood, MDF is often considered a level above plywood. It is denser, stronger and more durable. For these reasons, it has almost as many applications as solid wood.

Many customers tend to look down on MDF with the perception that it performs poorly when measured against solid wood. As we mentioned both solid wood and MDF have their good and bad points. There are times when MDF is the superior choice and for custom made radiator cabinets, this is the case. MDF is stable and totally safe. Being exposed to sawn MDF dust particles over many years can lead to health problems, which is why some people have presumed the actual product is unsafe. This is not the case. Considering the pros and cons of MDF, it is important to note that there are varying types of this engineered wood. They vary by density, size, glue type, moisture content, wood species and thickness. The thicker and denser the MDF board is, the costlier it is. We use the highest available grade, which is water resistant and very heavy.

Our Service

The most cost-effective way of ordering your bespoke radiator cabinets is to measure, add on the clearances and order via this website. We provide a step-by-step guide and discuss the order via email before making anything. The cabinet is made, boxed and delivered to your door fully assembled with brackets attached.

If you’re not comfortable providing measurements we do offer a bespoke measuring and installation service, please request a brochure to start the process. As you can imagine the bespoke, made to measure radiator cabinets service is more of a financial commitment than our supply-only cabinets. However, every detail is taken care of and all measurements are our responsibility.

For Beautiful Radiator Cabinets You Can Be Proud Of, Contact Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

Whether you choose bespoke radiator cabinets from our extensive range or want something specifically tailored to your home environment, you can do no better than contact us here at Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd. You can view what we have on offer throughout our website here at https://www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk. If you have any questions about the service we provide or any of our individual products, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or by using the live chat facility on the website. We are always delighted to assist.

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