About Radiator Cabinets UK

Pink Radiator Cabinet

What we Believe

We believe form should follow function. What’s the point in having a beautiful radiator cabinet, when it restricts the heat output of your radiator? We believe in perfection in the imperfection. When you look closely at our radiator cabinets, you will see and appreciate the craftsmanship. Not stamped out on a machine, but handmade and finished with traditional skills.

We believe our team offer the widest choice of designs, sizes and finishes for radiator cabinets in the UK, but really it’s about providing quality. We believe in adding value, making a cabinet that will stand the riggers of modern family life. Please look through our Gallery Page or News Feed to get an idea of how our cabinets could look in your home.

Radiator Cabinets UK design and manufacture radiator cabinets to the highest standards,  our team has sourced the best materials to construct the radiator covers. That said, our strongest skill has been in offering a design solution for the most awkward and complicated situations.

Our designers consider all the small details, bespoke sizes, awkward spaces and colour options are no problem. There aren’t many scenarios we haven’t come across, and can always offer the best solution.

The Radiator Cabinets UK Workshop

Our workshop team is set-up to make Radiator Cabinets and Radiator Covers, meaning we can provide the highest quality units.

If you’re not confident in providing the measurements we offer an assisted measuring service. If you’re looking to order a number of radiator cabinets we will provide a measuring survey.

Installing our radiator cabinets is simple, the cabinets are assembled and the brackets are already attached. It’s simply two or three fixings to attach the frame of the cabinet to the wall, push the front on and you’re done. If you’re not confident with DIY, let us organise a local fitter to install for you. Alternatively, if you’re ordering quite a few cabinets, we offer free installation in some areas of the UK, please just get in touch for more details.

Galaxy radiator cover semi gloss white

Delivering Throughout the UK

Radiator Cabinets UK can deliver cabinets almost anywhere in the UK. If you are in a remote, or island location please consult us before ordering.

Our radiator cabinets are delivered fully assembled, with brackets attached, making installation simple. Cabinets are boxed and shrink-wrapped twice, to protect them in transit.

We have an option for a tracked service if you’d like to specify a delivery slot.