Measuring for a radiator cabinet can be confusing with internal and external dimensions to consider, as well as randomly positioned radiators.

There aren’t many scenarios we haven’t faced, and it’s very rare we that we can’t find an acceptable solution. Send us a photo of the radiator you are looking to cover to We can advise how the cabinet should be positioned, and the measurements we require.

Our team will mark on the photo the exact measurements we need and return the photo via email.

Assisted Measuring Square

With our assisted measuring square, you can measure up for a radiator cabinet or cover without the need for a measuring tape. If you’re not totally confident with measuring, or you simply don’t have a measuring tape to hand, we have a simple solution. Request one of our assisted measuring reference squares and follow the simple instructions.

Assisted Measuring


Let us take the blame. In the unlikely event that the cabinet we supply doesn’t fit, we will take the responsibility and resolve accordingly. You can order your cabinet via the assisted measuring service with the knowledge you won’t be left with an expensive mistake.


We just require two photos, (four if you need skirting board cut-outs). One photo of the front of the radiator, with the square mounted in the centre, and one from the side. From the front shot our engineers can obtain the required width and height, from the side shot they can obtain the required depth.


If the full radiator is not in shot we won’t be able to confirm the measurements. This is also true for radiators very close to obstructions, such as window sills or in alcoves.


Please make sure the area is clear when you take the picture. Move any items, which may obscure the radiator or the surrounding space. Clear, high-resolution images are essential to be as accurate as possible. This may not be a suitable solution for particularly long cabinets.

Photo 1 Width and Height

Please take a photo of the radiator face on, so we can obtain the width and height required.

Be sure to keep the square flat and central. Your camera should be at the same height as the square.

Assisted radiator cabinet measuring

Make sure any potential obstructions are shown in the photo.


The reference square should be in the centre of the radiator.


The reference square should be in the middle of the shot, you may need to sit low down to take the picture.

Photo 2 Depth

Simply hold the square at the side of the radiator and take a photo for us to obtain the depth required.

Measuring for the Depth
Photo 3 Skirting Board Height

Take a photo with the square in front of the skirting board. Be sure to have the camera level with the top of the skirting board.

Measuring for the Cutout Height
Photo 3 Skirting Board Depth

Place the spine of a large book against the skirting board. We need a photo showing the size of the gap between the wall and the book.

Measuring for the Cutout Depth
If you’d rather not order our measuring square, follow the same process with a 30cm (12in) ruler.
Radiator Cabinets Assisted Measuring