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Radiator Cabinets, An Essential to Any Luxury Home

There is something about a luxury home that makes it appealing to us. Perhaps it is the additional space they offer, the innovative design elements that are built into them or it could be the fact that they offer breathtaking views outside every window. Whatever it is that draws you towards luxury homes, we can […]


When it comes to the stage when your radiators are looking tired and dated a difficult quandary arrises. Do you replace the whole heating system, which could cost many thousands of pounds? Or do you opt for Radiator Cabinets or Covers?   It’s not an easy choice and there are a number of factors to […]

Bespoke Radiator Covers Project in Harrogate

Harrogate has some stunning grade listed properties, and many of these homes understand interior design is important to preserve the aspect of the property. We work with many interiors designers throughout the UK in provide bespoke radiator covers specifically made to order using only the best materials and hand crafted finishes that speaks volumes about […]