Architects and Interior Designers

We can work with you or with your client directly and can make cabinets to your specific design if required. Please feel free to send us your drawings for quotes/estimates. If you are looking to match a specific colour, scheme or design style we can be as bespoke as you like. Our panels are multi-purpose, so please don’t feel restricted by the term ‘radiator cover’. The decorative panels we offer can be used as wall panels, room dividers, media units, display backdrops, splashbacks and wardrobe doors.

We provide sample cabinets and grilles at cost price if you feel you will be ordering from us on a regular basis. That way you can show your client exactly what their cabinets will look like in situ before ordering.

Perhaps you have a high street presence and would like to showcase our designs on your shop floor? Please inquire about our affiliate programme and trade discounts.

Care Homes & Retirement Homes

We work with a number of care home providers, and retirement home developers to ensure that our bespoke specialist cabinets meet all health and safety requirements and are specially designed to minimise risk.

Our cabinets are built to provide more than just safety, our units are aesthetically pleasing and can be made to suit your decor. We also realise custom cabinets are not for every budget we can work with you to install as many standard size cabinets as possible to reduce costs.

Working throughout the country, we regularly hear of horror stories where patients, elderly and the young have been burnt by an exposed radiator. For us, making sure the radiator cabinets are designed with safety in mind is paramount, so your family, guests and staff are kept free from potential burn injuries.


The go-to solution for architects, interior designers, maintenance teams, developers, care home providers and government buildings

We can offer trade only pricing packages, sample cabinets to show your client, measuring surveys

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Luxury Bespoke Radiator Cover

Builders, Developers, Carpenters, Joiners and Timber Merchants

Our bespoke radiator cabinets are a cost-effective alternative to replacing perfectly efficient, but perhaps tired looking radiators.

If you’re looking to offer your customer a cabinet to add value, look no further. We build our radiator covers to feel more like a piece of bespoke furniture, rather than the DIY store offerings. Why try to build your own? Save yourself time and energy, let us do the hard work. It’s our speciality and your customer will be grateful when they receive an item of true luxury.

We can build your cabinets to any size, style and finish. We’re confident you will be thrilled with the build quality of our units and you’ll use our services time and time again, as many of our existing clients do.

Maintenence Teams, Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings

We work with local authorities, maintenance teams and caretakers to provide the best radiator covers for your budget.

If you have a specific requirement for metal or polymer cabinets, we can help you source the ideal solution. We regularly provide radiator cabinets to cover LST radiators, which have damaged panels. This is a significant saving, considering an LST radiator can cost upwards of £350.00.

Modern 3D panels