Measuring for one of our Modern Radiator Covers

  • Moon Range Modern Radiator Cover
  • Galaxy Range Modern Radiator Cover
  • Geo Range Modern Radiator Cover

Our Radiator Covers are supplied with brackets to hook the panel onto your radiator.

To calculate the radiator cover size you require;

Measure width of your radiator, from valve to valve.

Measuring for the Cabinet Width

Measure the Height from the bottom of the radiator (not from the floor) to the top of the radiator. Most radiators are 60cm (23.5in) tall, in this instance choose the 70cm (27.5in). If your radiator is taller, please choose a taller height option.

Our team will contact you before making, so please don’t feel you are committed to the sizes you order. You have an opportunity to amend.

Measuring for the radiator cover height