Modern & Contemporary Radiator Cabinets

Modern buildings, with clean lines and reflective surfaces can be difficult to furnish. Perhaps you have added a modern kitchen or bathroom and are struggling to obscure that unsightly radiator with something in-keeping. Look no further, our Modern radiator cabinet ranges offer the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary interior.

We pride ourselves in having the widest section of radiator cover designs in the UK. Along with our robust construction, you can feel confident, you’re adding a permanent feature to your home. Please feel free to contact us if you require a specific finish, including High Gloss and wood effect options.

  • Galaxy Range Floating Cabinet

  • Galaxy Straight Edge Radiator Cabinet

    Galaxy Range Radiator Cabinet

  • Galaxy Radiator CoverGalaxy radiator cover semi gloss white

    Galaxy Range Radiator Cover

  • Geo Range Floating Cabinet

  • contemporary radiator cabinet

    Geo Range Radiator Cabinet

  • very modern radiator cover

    Geo Range Radiator Cover

  • Mode Ultra-Modern Radiator Cabinet

    Mode Radiator Cabinet

  • Moon Range Floating Cabinet

  • Moon Range Straight Sides Radiator Cabinet

    Moon Range Radiator Cabinet