Installing our Radiator Cabinets

Installing our traditional radiator is quite simple, but follow this guide to avoid any issues.
Be sure to check for services before drilling into any wall.

  • Unpack your cabinet very carefully, making sure not to scratch the paintwork inside.
  • Offer the cabinet up to the wall and position how you see fit.
  • Make two faint pencil marks each side to show where the sides should be positioned. (Use masking tape if you are conscious of marking the wall).
Traditional Radiator Cabinet Installation
Pull the front away from the top and sides
  • Pull the front away from the top and sides and put to one side.
  • Offer the top and sides up to the wall again, use the pencil marks to position.
  • Mark through the bracket where the hole needs to be drilled.
  • Put the top and sides to one side.
  • Drill the holes and put a wall plug in the hole.
  • Put the top and sides back in position and fix them in place using the square washer and screws provided.
  • Push the front back on.
Traditional Radiator Cabinet Installation